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Community driven project listing

Our members are encouraged to introduce and propose their interesting token crowdsale projects looking for the initial investment push.

Early stage access to promising projects

We carefully pick the most promising and most disruptive blockchain projects and offer them a community seed presale contribution, receiving exclusive investment terms in return.

Mutual benefit

Supporting early stage crypto startups benefits supporters, who gain a favourable entry position into projects they believe in, and it benefits startup projects with funds and early adopters to help them develop their vision.

Inclusive early stage fundraising platform

Access to high potential startup investments was traditionally reserved for funds and large investors, especially for early stage investing, where risk, but also rewards, are highest. OceanPool allows community members to invest in early stage blockchain projects with favourable bonuses and without the minimum investment cap.

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Crypto startups are welcome to seek project funding on our blockchain financing platform. Are you a founder interested in cooperation?

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